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Rage MP does not work in SLI/CrossFire mode.


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GTA 5 supports SLI mode, as soon as I first launched GTA with two video cards - the game saw them and changed the settings to higher (maximum). Now I have a stable 60+ fps in GTA 5 and I am very satisfied.


Yesterday I decided to log on to the Rage MP server (GrandRP project), but the entire interface (starting with loading the game after turning it on) just started flickering, as if there was a reduced frame update.

Then, I went to your favorite project (5RP) ((but not my favorite)) and it was all the same! Starting from loading the game (screensaver with a girl) and before logging on to the server (and when playing on it) - the interface just flickered, BUT playing (GTA 5) worked perfectly and with a high frame rate.


I concluded that your platform (Rage MP) does not support SLI/CrossFire mode. Project support says that you need to disable SLI/CrossFire mode in order to play normally, because Rage MP does not support this. OK, let me disable this mode and you buy me a new video card (I would like a GTX 1660 OC 6GB) so that I can comfortably play on your platform. Let's be honest, you don't care about the users of your platform (maybe not, surprise me), you won't buy me a new video card. So make support for this SLI/CrossFire mode, so it will be easier for everyone to live.

I hope for your understanding! Thank you.

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