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Can't connect to any server

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So I have connection issues. I can't connect to any server. I am based on Finland.

I have tried reinstalling RageMP on multiple drives. Main drive does not give an error, when launching after installing.
No mods installed and I do have saved single player file.
I have Gta V through SocialClub and verified the files through cmd.
I ran RageMP as admin and in troubleshooting mode.
I have both of those redistributables.
I don't have Steam, Discord or ShadowReplay running, but I do have them all installed.
I have Windows Defender and Defender Security Center disabled and whitelisted the folder and .exes, o nothing should block the connection from there.

I have no clue what else to do or what this problem could be about.
Only programs I have running are Logitech Gaming Software, Nvidia Geforce experience, my ssd and sound card programs.


I don't know what to do anymore.


EDIT: I might have found a solution to the issue. I start ragemp_v.exe as admin from the folder in Windows 8 compability mode. It has been working good so far. I also gave the RageMP folder all permissions on my main drive. NEVER MIND. Next day the problem came back.

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Same here it just stays on loading screen not responding at all. Obviously I own the game itself. Got insane internet and good hardware too. RIP

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