RAGE MP: Connection lost. Reconnecting...

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This message repeats itself till I can't be bothered looking at it anymore, I've waited up to 40 minutes.

What I've tried:

- Adding RAGE MP and all of it's .exe's to my Antivirus exceptions. (Worked once)

- Adding RAGE MP and all of it's .exe's to my firewall exceptions.

- Deleting RAGE MP and reinstalling, (Worked once)

- Restarting steam

- Restarting PC

- VPN (Worked a few times)

- Disconnecting Internet and Connecting (Worked a few times)

This occurs every time I attempt to join the server (GTA WORLD). If I manage to connect, which seems at random, I'll last a day before my game crashes and I'm no longer able to connect.


I've already posted a topic on GTAW forums, but that hasn't helped.

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