Problem starting linux server

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Dear Team, i´ve got a question. I try to set up a linux server using rage mp. I installed the server as advised on 

The server is booting and i m able to connect but after "package downloading" nothing happens. Normally when doing this on my local machine (Windows) after successfully downloaded the packages i spawn. 

Any idea what im doing wrong? I have done the firewall work for udp tcp 22005 and 22006.(Incoming and outgoing) 


        MaxPlayers:             100
        Sync rate:              40
        Name:                   Testserver
        Gamemode:               freeroam
        Streaming distance:     500
        Announcement:           enabled
        Connection limits:      disabled
        Encryption:             disabled
        NodeJS:                 enabled
        C#:                     disabled

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Could you include print screen of the servers folders (mainly client_package folder).

Please could you also copy and paste any relating config files, for example  conf.json and the index.js for the client_package folder

Just so we can confirm everything have been set correctly

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