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Implement Vehicle Weapon Sync


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We're trying to sync vehicle weapons.

We already tried giving player the vehicle weapon server-side (Both C# and JS).

We are pretty sure that the Hash is correct. We tried even joaat, but still no luck.

Tried also on a vanilla server, with serverside only weapons activated and deactivated.

Here is the code that we are using:

function playerEnterVehicleHandler(player, vehicle, seat) {
	player.outputChatBox(`${player.name} got into the car with ID: ${vehicle.id}. Seat: ${seat}`);
	player.giveWeapon(1741783703, 1000);

mp.events.add("playerEnterVehicle", playerEnterVehicleHandler);

1741783703 can also be VEHICLE_WEAPON_WATER_CANNON (tried all of this on firetruk model).

Also we’ve tried the native for moving the turret and it does nothing, so we are finally supposing that vehicle weapons are not synced.

Theres anything can be done about this? 


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