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EAC won't let me play with FSR


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So, I've been playing RAGE MP for like a month now, and I am very disappointed it gives me a 30 fps on GTA:World server. After watching some tutorial on YT, I found FSR from GitHub, the one that trusted by many people and works completely fine in SP. I installed it directly into RMP folder and tried to launch the game, but it won't let me in saying that d3d file of FSR is untrusted. How to fix this? 

I deleted FSR now just to play with comfort, at least to launch the game.. But it sucks that I can't use different FSR, I really don't like ingame one, it just make my screen kinda pixelated and not comfy for my eyes. Github fsr just adds a lil sharpness, and its completely different comfortable experience.

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