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Rectangle Colshapes didnt creating


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async function colshapesCreate(id, x, y, width, height, dimension)
    mp.console.logInfo(`${parseFloat(x)}, ${parseFloat(y)}`)
    let cols = mp.colshapes.newRectangle(parseFloat(x), parseFloat(y), parseInt(width), 10000);
    let turfBlip = mp.game.ui.addBlipForRadius(parseFloat(x), parseFloat(y), 1, parseInt(width)*0.7);
    natives.SET_BLIP_SPRITE(turfBlip, 5);
    natives.SET_BLIP_ALPHA(turfBlip, 60);
    natives.SET_BLIP_COLOUR(turfBlip, 2);
    natives.SET_BLIP_ROTATION(turfBlip, height);
    mp.console.logInfo(`${cols}, ${turfBlip}`)
    return cols;

The blip is created correctly and in accordance with the width, but the rectangle is assigned to undefined and does not occur (the enter exit call does not work).


for (let i = 0; cols.handle === 0 && i < 20; ++i) {
        await mp.game.waitAsync(100);

I try this but didnt work.

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