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Rendering problem

Tuna srk

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First of all, hello, since I started Ragemp, I have been having problems in the game such as roads not loading, buildings coming and going, grass and shadows loading late, distant objects and so on not loading before approaching. How can I solve this problem? 

System features:

rtx 3050 4GB Model video card and i5 12450h Processor, 16 gb Ram, 1 tb ssd. This is a Laptop and I just bought it. Maintenance and so on were done and checked, but no problem was seen. All I know is that the problem is not hardware. 

Note: My game doesn't twitch or freeze in the slightest.

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Please help
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Buildings and roads rarely disappear, but it's frustrating. Shadows, grass, etc., only become apparent when you get closer. Garbage or similar objects on the road only appear when I approach them.

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