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Looking for developers and designers! [MEDCT Concept]


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MEDCT Concept is an innovative company specializing in game networking and management services, especially in the area of RageMP.
Our focus is on the development and operation of high-quality roleplay servers that are programmed from scratch.
We cover all aspects, from the database connection to the design of websites and stores - everything is realized in-house.

Our dedicated team, consisting of three management and two executive members, strives to take the gaming experience to a new level.
We focus on self-development to create unique and customized gaming environments.
We take a comprehensive approach that not only covers the technical side, but also emphasizes a well thought-out concept.

We are currently in the development phase of our concept, which already comprises 80 pages and is still being expanded.
Our aim is to create a comprehensive set of rules and a well thought-out structure that will comprise up to 300 pages.
MEDCT Concept stands for quality, creativity and the continuous development of gaming communities.

We are currently looking for developers and designers to implement and realize the concept.

We are looking for dedicated developers to help build our RageMP server according to our roleplay concept.

Programming of scripts for RageMP with the based framework
Development from website front-end to back-end
Optional setup and initialization of MariaDB in the code
Documentation of test results
Reading and implementing concepts

At least 18 years old
Completed application development training and/or extensive experience
Excellent knowledge of C# or C++ for game developers and HTML/PHP, CSS, JS for back- and frontend web developers
Proof of a self-programmed system/application/scripts for the RageMP game

We are looking for creative designers to create script and web designs according to our concept.

Design of script required designs
Design of graphics for the website (logo, banner, showcases etc.)
Implementation according to given concept

At least 18 years old
Completed designer training and/or extensive experience
Excellent knowledge of Photoshop/Adobe products or similar tools
Submission of several self-made designs

If you are passionate about RageMP server development and creative design,
please message me via Discord with your CV, experience and profit share percentage.
Discord: medct

Feel free to ask.

Yours sincerely

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