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I suggest working more on synchronization stuff.

For example:

1.Sync the waypoints when players are in the same car(if I place a waypoint the other player in the car will not see it).

2.Sync the Radio in the cars. Same as above.

3.Sync better the combat stuff. I was fighting with my friend and he was shooting me like almost 1 meter away, he sees me like there so yea some work on it will make it bettrer.

4.Also sync the entering in the car, sometimes I see delayed when someone joins my car.

5.Maybe work on some errors like undefined :0:


These are the most strategic stuff which I think are needed to be solved in order to make Rage more popular than for example FiveM. I want to say that I saw this things only on a server with 2 players, a VPS from OVH, maybe they dont happen on better servers,idk but anyway solve this stuff. Please, I see a lot of potential in Rage:MP , more than in FiveM, where actually there are only 32(working on 64) a total bullshit. See ya!




If this gets up to leaders of this project, maybe you should make like smaller updates and more frequently, maybe a DevBlog like this and a RoadMap like this. Thank you for your attention.

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Hi brother

1. 0.4

2. 0.4 (But u can easily sync it by urself actually)

3. 0.4

4. 0.4

5. 0.4

See ya

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