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Vehicle.setMod doesn't work on Server side


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1 час назад, Hanvod сказал:

Can you give us an example of how you use this function?


let Vehicle = mp.vehicles.new(Model, Position);
Vehicle.setColor(parseInt(Color0), parseInt(Color1));
Vehicle.numberPlateType = 4;
Vehicle.locked = true;
Vehicle.engine = false;

Vehicle.setMod(parseInt(Data["k"]), parseInt(Data["v"]));


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20 минут назад, Hanvod сказал:

Also you car maybe are not supporting this mod. Try to spawn Zentorno with setMod(0, 1)

If there is a spoiler, that means that function works, but your car doesnt support 69 2 mod

I spawn sentinel and zion. It's quite supported cars esp. for window tint. But I'am trying your advice right now.


WOW. it works. Zentorno has spoiler. WTF

But anyway window tint (mod 69) doesn't work for all cars!

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