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Restarting PC when starting RAGE MP


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I recently changed my processor from R5 2600 to R5 5600. After that, when I try to log into any of the RAGE MP servers, my PC spontaneously reboots. In 1 out of 5 cases, this may not happen immediately, but within 5 minutes of the game, the situation still happens.

I completely disabled overclocking of components, reinstalled video card drivers, updated all computer drivers using Driver Booster, checked Windows files with the DISM /Online/Cleanup-Image /CheckHealth and sfc/scannow commands and reset the BIOS. Nothing helps.

My PC feels great in other games, including Hogwarts Legacy with RTX, passes the 2-hour AIDA64 stress test for processor and memory, as well as TestMem5 without interruption. The hard drive is fine too, both RAGE and GTA V are installed on the same one. I checked GTA V files, reinstalled GTA V, RAGE MP and server files — nothing helps. It seems to me that the problem somehow concerns the incompatibility of RAGE MP with Ryzen 5 5600, because Googling on the Internet I saw that people with this processor also faced this problem. However, I have not found its solution anywhere. I hope you will help :)
There is no problem in the singleplayer (GTA V).

My PC specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 5600
GPU: RTX 4060
MEM: 32gb (4x8) DDR4 2933Mhz

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