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C# bridge vs javascript


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Hey guys,

I like to know or discuss which of these two options I should use to create a server.

Are there differents in performance? Pros and cons of both?


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Personally I've only gone with Javascript because to me it's a lot easier to read and isn't as strict as other languages, such as you can declare a variable but you don't have to give it a type which obviously makes it easier, but can also run into conflicts if you assume it's going to store it as an integer for example when instead it's storing it as a string.

Performance wise I haven't seen anything to prove one is better than the other, they both run really well and you can probably rule that out if you're trying to decide which language to use. It'll all come down to how you properly code your server.

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On 8/28/2018 at 11:49 PM, Stuyk said:

I personally love C# because it's object orientated and it has a strong type on variables. C# also comes with a debugging process that you can run alongside your server to help iron out major server-side bugs and soon client-side whenever that gets released.

I just programming with just javascript but didn't like the workflow and lack of IDE to go along with it. I've since used mostly just C# and Typescript for the majority of my programming.

I think the biggest part of C# is you could most definitely write some other ways to communicate with your server if you're that advanced with it. For instance the ability to implement a third party login system that pre-downloads files before you start the game.

C# has the potential to thread too. Which is extremely useful when you're doing cpu heavy processing constantly.

To each there own but I definitely prefer C# over anything else.

Can you run server which use C# on Linux machine?

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