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I would like to build an inventory, but I do not know how I do it the best and how I do that which have a certain weight

I would be very happy to answer you thanks

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JSON. Absolute life saver. You can essentially build a list of classes that will act as 'items'.

Depending on what you're using C# or TS or JS. These are mostly for TS/C# though.


public class InventoryItem {
	public int ID;
	public string Name;
	public int StackCount = 1;

	public InventoryItem(int itemID, string itemName, int itemCount) {
		ID = itemID;
		Name = itemName;
		StackCount = itemCount;

Then you create a list of these items that the player has somewhere or pull them from a database end use JSONConvert to serialize or deserialize the list. Really straight forward.

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