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What identifiers do server owners have on their players?


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I play on a GTA server using RageMP, I’ve been a member for around 6 months now and had developed a platonic relationship with a server owner which sadly turned sour due to them stalking me inside and outside of the server, they were genuinely just obsessive and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I’ve since deleted my account, but I want to continue playing as I had so much fun there despite the issues. I’ve told them I’m no longer interested in playing as it’s consuming too much of my time, thus the account deletion. I otherwise love the server and in turn have been considering making a new account. How can I hide my identity from the server owner/admins so I can be there peacefully? Obvious answers would be:

  • Use a VPN.
  • Change E-Mail, don't re-use any identifiable information etc.


But I feel this might not actually be enough, I believe they use EAC, which basically would give them an identifier on my hardware right? Is there anything I can do that will fully anonymize my alternative account so I can continue playing or am I screwed. 

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