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Game crashes after every 10-12 minutes without any errors.


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Hey, Game keeps crashing for me after the server crash yesterday. As soon as I log in it doesn't crash for around 10-12 minutes but it crashes after that. I have tried re-installing Rage MP and it is still the same. I can't figure out the problem.
This is one of the actual codes I found in mainlogs. If you need more of the mainlog please let me know I will attach as much of it I can.
(0xc0000005) at address 0x00007FFCB03D13E2 (0x213e2) thread 21992 inside C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\ntdll.dll loaded at base address 0x00007FFCB03B0000 Invalid operation: read at address 0x40 This is the actual code found in mainlogs.

I have tried many things trying to resolve the issue but I kept failing. I will list the things I have already tried and didn't work.
1. Turning off firewall.
2. Turning off Anti Virus
3. Checking Windows Update
4. Checking all drivers updates
5. Windows Repair through Microsoft ISO File
6. Contacted Microsoft Support and explained him, after checking everything he said it should be the issue of the Application you are using.
7. Deleted all resources except Updater and then updated it.
8. Deleted Rage MP and re downloaded and installed it.
9. Deleted Rage MP again and downloaded it outside GTA V folder.
10. Tried too many PC restarts while doing the above checks.

It has been more than two days and the problem is still there. I think it crashes on exact number of minutes and seconds every time, although I haven't timed it but I am sure it crashes right after 10 mins.

If you need any additional information please let me know and I will provide it as soon as I can.

I will be really really thankful if I can get a solution for my problem. Thanks!

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I have resolved the issue. It was actually not Rage MP issue, it was the graphic driver. I downgraded my graphics driver to previous one and it actually worked for me. Just leaving this comment so that if someone else ends up here searching for the solution so yeah it should work. Just downgrade your graphic driver and it will solve the problem.

The topic can be locked and archived. Thanks!

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