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A question about permanent car spawns


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Hey ya'll I'm just here to ask a question cause I'm not really tech savy when it comes to GTA modding. There was an rp server awhile back that had a script that functioned well for permanent vehicle spawns while a player is online. That worked totally fine up till about 60 players (Cause it didn't really get past that in those days). How intensive do you think (with reasoning behind why preferably!) it would be to have every player owned vehicle spawned while they're online? That could be anywhere from 100 players - 400 players. Players would have varying #'s of vehicles from zero, one and maybe all the way up to like 12 in some cases. How intensive do you think this would be on a server? Are there ways to reduce these problems? I just don't really see why it would cause issues personally because if you can have a ton of regular pedestrian cars driving around I don't see why significantly less vehicles owned by players that likely aren't all in motion would be an issue. 


What do you think? I tried to reach out to the guy that did that script but I guess he moved on from GTA V modding. The reason I'm asking altogether is that I've been trying to pitch this concept to a development team and the doubt about it is namely that it'd be resource intensive. The main reason why people think it would be is that SAMP handled large #'s of vehicles pretty poorly or at least the LSRP server script did. 


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Ask the current RP servers out there about this, I don't see why it would be a huge issue, but you also need to remember GTA V itself has a stream limit on how many vehicles can be seen within a stream range. I can't remember that limit but that isn't because of rage or anything.

Otherwise you can test it yourself, make up a quick server and spawn in 400 cars and see how it handles.

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