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RAGE Multiplayer Crashing without error


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I am faced with the following problem. I'm launching RAGE Multiplayer, choosing a server, but when the download ends, happens сrashing without error. The game will not start. Completely reinstalling GTA 5 did not help.

Here is the last line from main_logs.txt:
SE EXCEPTION_STACK_OVERFLOW (0xc00000fd) at address 0x00007FF826B87F18 (0x77f18) thread 10308 inside D:\Games\RAGEMP\multiplayer.dll loaded at base address 0x00007FF826B10000

Please help!

I also tried use system file checker sfc/scannow. I didn't find any problems

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Try reinstalling the "Microsoft DirectX® End-User Runtime" from Microsoft. Else reinstall RageMP to get all dependencies. 

Can you post the content of "main_logs.txt" located at "RAGEMP\clientdata"?

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