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[ENG] Crystal Role Play ~ discord.gg/gtaroleplay

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Crystal Role Play | English Server Trailer


Introducing Crystal Role Play's English server! A beloved server in Russia, we're excited to extend our immersive experience to the English-speaking community. We've tailored the English server with modifications to better suit the needs and preferences of our English players.

One significant update is the implementation of an event system specifically designed for families and factions.
We've also revamped our event structure to include more built-in events for all factions,
eliminating the need for admin-held events.

Our server boasts a plethora of new features,
including the ability to establish your own family at the government hall, 
a cutting-edge turf system accessible on your tablet, a wide array of job opportunities, and numerous player-owned businesses.

At Crystal Role-Play, community feedback is paramount. 
Each month, we carefully review the top suggestions provided on our Discord server and incorporate them into our next update.

Join us on Discord and become part of our vibrant community, set to launch soon!


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