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So, I want to play in a server and I click on it, GTA V loads and then RAGE´s window freezes on a black screen later a GTA V´s window appears and says GTA V exited unexpectedly and there are two options "safe mode" or "retry". I click both and nothing happens. What do I do?

PS: I have gotten in the servers before but now I can´t

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Do you run any overlays such as Overwolf, Discord Overlay, Steam Overlay, Nvidia Shadowplay, OBS or anything else that overlays over your game? Disable them and try again. If this fixes the issue it means you have an overlay causing you to crash.

If that doesn't work I suggest closing EVERY application running on your computer except RageMP/GTAV (and steam if you have that) and seeing if you can play. If this fixes the issue it means there's a program on your computer that's causing you to crash.

If neither don't work, if you have an antivirus running on your computer I'd disable it and try again.

If all the above fail, try reinstalling RageMP.

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