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[URGENT HELP] libcef.dll error, FATAL error, etc.


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Ever since today's updates I've had a multitude of errors starting at the client. Client hasn't been able to open.

Errors I'm getting since the new update:

  • Will be stuck on 0% (IMAGE HERE) loading after launching updater.exe and after a long time (10-30mins) I get the error: 

After doing all the things I've tried to do to fix this, I now still get the same thing but instead of that error this time I get this error:

  • Fatal Error: Unable to initiliaze CEF dependency, Please reinstall Rage Multiplayer.

I've tried:

  • Reinstalling RageMP (twice)
  • Updating GPU driver
  • Installing latest Microsoft Visual Studio + redistributables
  • Windows Update
  • Restarting PC
  • Verifying game files
  • Downloading libcef.dll manually from RageMP's host
  • Deleting all files in RAGEMP except updater.exe then running that to download everything
  • All of Windows Defender is off
  • Windows Firewall is off
  • Exceptions in both Firewall and Defender made for RAGEMP folder and updater.exe and ragemp_v.exe
  • Using a VPN to start up RageMP (didn't even launch gave me an error about not able to connect)
  • Tried setting ragemp_v.exe and updater.exe to compatibility mode

After second reinstall of RageMP and launching it, I get this windows error after a long time of waiting:

  • This app cannot run on your PC.

And right after I close that windows error, I get:

  • ERROR: RAGE Multiplayer Launcher executable (ragemp_v.exe) is either unavailable or blocked by anti-virus software installed on your PC. Try reinstalling the client or adding it into the anti-virus eception list.

Can someone please help.

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  • Rennessy changed the title to [URGENT HELP] libcef.dll error, FATAL error, etc.

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