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String to PlayerMp


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When you want to find a certain player, that didn't call the command, you could use that:

 * @author Paccoderpster
 * @description With that function you can find a certain player
 * @param {str} name The name of the player
 * @returns {player}, if the player is found or null, if this player isn't logged in
global.findPlayer = function findPlayer(name) {
	let players = mp.players.toArray();
	for(let p in players) {
		if(players[p].name == name) {
			return players[p];
	return null;

Or, if you want the player object from the player that called the command, you don't have to do anything.

mp.events.addCommand(`givemoney`, (player, string) => {
	//Do Something with player	


Client Side:

let player = mp.players.local;


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