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Rage Multiplayer - Endless loading of the GTA 5 storyline when launching GTA5RP


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The measures I took: Reinstalling GTA 5, RAGE MP, Steam, C++ Redistributable 2008-2022(x86, x64), NVIDIA Graphics Card Drivers, Rockstar Games Launcher, Rockstar Social Club. Launch via GTA5RP Launcher, Rockstar Games Launcher. Reset the network and DNS. Restart the PC, disable Kaspersky, Firewall and radmin vpn, log in to other servers. Suspending all processes involved in launching the game, checking the game files, launching with and without arguments, removed saving to the Rockstar Games Launcher, only the GTA 5 prologue passed. Turning on radmin vpn, I tried to connect not via wire but via Wi-Fi. Deleted third-party firewalls. I wrote these commands in the Windows command prompt on behalf of the administrator: netsh winsock reset netsh int ip reset ipconfig /release ipconfig /ge ipconfig /flushdns I moved RAGEMP to different root English folders, waited for 3 hours several times. Reinstalling was not a one-time thing, but reinstalled everything several times. . . . . . Result: I entered the game only 1 time, I played, left, and now this cycle is happening again: Enabling RAGE MP -> Clicking on the server -> Launching a game -> enabling Rockstar Games Launcher -> Enabling Easy Anti-Cheat -> Loading Rage Multiplayer -> Endless loading of the GTA 5 storyline infinitely changing images of the type: Photo
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