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crashing without any text and reason on black screen


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Tried almost everything, updated windows and did everything which is learned on youtube and google, rage is turning on, I'm connecting to GTA W, then rockstar launcher pops up then easy anti cheat, after all everything pops down, pops up another rage mp window and immediately pops down, without any reason!

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Post logs after you crash (located in RAGEMP/clientdata/main_logs.txt) for more info.

Some general stuff:
Use task manager to close all background processes that could be interfering with EAC or RAGEMP. Make sure your Windows and GPU drivers are up to date. Disable or even better remove any anti virus and/or other peripheral software that you use (if any). I do not mean delete everything forever so you can play RAGEMP, but do so until you make it work, then you can slowly introduce back stuff you were using and figure out what is exactly making this issue.

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