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Fatal error in Rage MP


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Every time you start raid nothing happens, it blows out immediately error, after I immediately logged into rockstar I got kicked out of the account, I logged into the account, did a check the integrity of the game files, reinstalled raid, turned off the firewall, antivirus, turned on vpn, put compatibility, reinstalled raid, downloaded gta 5 rp launcher, the problem it did not solve, please help solve the problem!

Tried these steps, did not help:
1. Make sure your software and drivers are up to date.
2. Try running RAGE Multiplayer as administrator.
3. Check if there are any software conflicts on your system.
4. Reinstall RAGE Multiplayer and GTA 5 RP Launcher with a clean boot.

Also went into the single-player game, and then into Rage - did not help

Key: I'm using Windows 11, drivers are all updated, everything is fine.
Any methods to not put windows 10 instead of 11?

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