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Blaine County roleplay or Sandy Shores roleplay?


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Hi all.

Most roleplay servers are based in Los Santos.

I am curious to see if there is any interest in a roleplay community based around Sandy Shores/Blaine county with main town located in Sandy or in Paleto Bay. I have roleplayed on many different roleplay servers during the sa-mp era and the best/funniest/most memorable time I had was in the country side on a server called Red County roleplay.

Being located in Blaine County has some advantages, small towns will feel more crowded with low player bases and can easily expand to other towns once the population grows. I am currently preparing a script for this that can be deployed with minimum features and then develop as the community grows to support a player driven driven community. I believe in starting small and growing together.


Feel free to comment on this idea and let me know if you could be interested in this. 



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