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mp.game.weapon.unequipEmptyWeapons = false;

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I'm currently trying to disable the autoswap weapon when the ammo's running out... but unfortunatly this line of code doesn't do anything. I tried searching for the native aswell, I found this. Both of this code doesn't work. I use only javascript, can anyone help me to disable that autoswap ?

Client side
const playerPed = mp.players.local.handle;
mp.game.invoke("0xA21C51255B205245", playerPed, false);

mp.game.weapon.unequipEmptyWeapons = false;
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mp.events.add("playerReady", () => {
    mp.game1.weapon.unequipEmptyWeapons = false;
    mp.game.weapon.unequipEmptyWeapons  = false;

Try this one
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