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Auto archive fix mods in the user_resources folder


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A while back, RAGE added support for the user_resources/global folder, allowing players to install RPFs/mods to their own game. This opened up the possibility for players looking to replace clothes, tattoos, world textures, or add object addons for trees and clutter. It adds a lot of freedom for players who can't access the server mod folder, letting people use custom designs for their groups/players without needing or waiting on server developers to introduce changes for them.

However, the process of getting these mods to work in the clientside involves manual archive fixing. This process isn't documented and from experience, many users struggle to do it even with detailed instructions. I've tried to help Menyoo users in the past who do a lot of singleplayer modding, and the process of manual archive fixing felt confusing and difficult for them, even with years of experience of installing singleplayer mods.

It would be a huge boon to the current modding scene on RAGE if an auto archive script could also run on the clientside, similar to how the server auto archive fixes mods currently. It's definitely possible to do it the manual way, however many users still struggle to do it, and frequently tweaking mods leads to a lot of repetitive manual archive fixing. Adding support for auto archive fix on the client would hugely open up the RAGE modding scene and allow many more users to start modding by essentially making the installation process just drag and drop.

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