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Game lagging /freezing or giving failed to Intialize error


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Hello , this is regarding the new update which happened in GTA. 5 few days back after which I am not able to play grand rp , it gives failed to Intialize error , I tried everything possible , reinstalled the game , reinstalled windows , reinstalled launcher , reinstalled social club but nothing seemed to work , now it loads up the server and I am able to log in , but lags extremely and not playable  at all , but gta online and gta story mode runs perfectly alright and it's just rage mp that is lagging , this issue started only after this recent update by gta 5 which caused rage mp to lag even in the menu , i request you to pls look into the problem and give some update or maybe roll back the update pls

Before this recent update the game was perfectly fine and I was able to play grandrp without any problems and lags it was very good , after this update it has started giving errors and even if it works it lags extremely 

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