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(We have all proves)

Admins Protecting Pedos and Toxic People.

To many people on this server posting verbal abuse, maleficent and toxic content, admins so corrupted selling cash for real money, and banning people who are not capable with whales who donating there. Only reading forum topics and dealing with that, never helping good people who only want to play. Supporting pedo who donate. Admins there banned 20 top players because they can, and like showing to people their power... People posting verbal abusing videos where cheats are on, where verbal abusing people from server, where old guys talking to little girls 12-17y... These YouTube channels are example Sakal Polumental - YouTube this guy is on server GOV Staff, and his only job is to make videos where verbally abusing people and showing their power to them, then pedo who is whale there named "Coby SImba" he owns car-sharing Rejected - Pedofilizam + IRL Threating I 28427 | Grand Role Play | Forum (gta5grand.com) he can do anything because he can pay, then SOVA - YouTube the guy who is admin there and his channel is too toxic, here is that toxic forum Žalbe na igrače | Grand Role Play | Forum (gta5grand.com) and its only GTA 5 RP RS server, (other servers are ok), the many players there making toxic content, the server is so toxic, head admin Mujo Simba - no rules for him, he can do everything, please fix that or remove it, or we will do that. Thanks for reading.

Ex-FiveM head staff LionX

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