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variable from server-side to client-side with events call ?


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i have a problem to pass a variable from server side to client side with the funtion events call :


Server side

mp.events.add('playerJoin', player => {
    console.log(`[GTARAGE]: Joueur ${player.socialClub} - IP :[${player.ip}] a rejoint le serveur.`);
                    if(player.socialClub) == true){
                        console.log(`[GTARAGE]: Joueur ${player.socialClub} trouvé dans la collection.`);
                        player.call(`LoginWindow`, player.socialClub);
                    } else {
                        console.log(`[GTARAGE]: Joueur ${player.socialClub} inconnu.`);
                        player.call(`RegisterWindow`, player.socialClub);

    player.model = mp.joaat('player_zero');
    player.spawn(new mp.Vector3(-425.517, 1123.620, 325.8544));


Client side :

var BrowserRegisterWindow = mp.browsers.new('package://gtarage/ui/accountRegister.html');

mp.events.add({'RegisterWindow': (player, player.socialClub) => {
	// Create register window




function updateSocialName(player) {
let socialname = "player.socialClub";
document.getElementById("socialName").innerText = "player.socialClub";


I want get player social Club in browser, Can you help me pls ?

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