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Requiring a npm package inside Client-side ?

State Valentin

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Ok so my index.js from server-side looks like this:


// Loading official packages of the server

const glob = require('glob');  
const config = require('./config.js');

glob ('./packages/semp/Assets/**/*.js', function(err,files) {  
  for (file of files) {
    if(config.env == 'dev') { 


I want to do the same to the client-side packages. But how can i do that if i can't load an npm package with Vanilla JS ? Any fix to that ? 

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Wrong area to post this, but the client-side JS supports the require function to load in other files.

For using packages from NPM you just have to include them in your client_packages directory so they get sent to each client. I suggest something like Webpack to handle bundling for you.

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