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Hosting solution for development


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I'd like to start developing a server in local to avoid paying for a server and also to quicken the development because it would be time consuming to regularly upload my scripts to the server, and there are no viable nor practical solution to edit remote files. 

I would also like to use my Mac for development and my PC for playing GTA 5. I can't script on my Windows because I am not used to it and I use Mac OS on a day to day basis for coding, so I would like to avoid switching. 

The big thing is, I can't create a local network because my PC is hosted on the cloud (I'm using a Shadow PC FYI www.shadow.tech)

For the development part, I was thinking of installing a Linux virtual machine on my Mac (already done so for MTA:SA). However, it will be hosted on my Mac, so how can I make it possible to connect to my Linux VM from my PC running GTA 5? I guess something like Hamachi doesn't work on VM? 

Thanks for your help anyway, 


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