Scaleform digital_camera black screen

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So I've been messing around with the scaleform digital_camera, but unfortunately it's just a black screen no matter what I do. I've tried browsing through the decompiled scripts of GTA:V by root just to follow the approach they're having with digital_camera but it's still not working.

I've already tried calling all of the functions related to the digital_camera scaleform, but with no luck. Is there any known issues with this specific scaleform? Most if not all of the other scaleforms I've tried have been working, but this one just keeps being black.

All input is appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Problem solved with the help of root.

Call this native before and after your rendering of the scaleform inside the 'render' event.

        mp.game.invoke("0x6AEB48E3B648804A", 1); // _0xC6372ECD45D73BCD
        Your scaleform rendering goes here <-
        mp.game.invoke("0x6AEB48E3B648804A", 0); // _0xC6372ECD45D73BCD


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