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I hope you can Help me :-)

Shawn Stein

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Hi Rage MP Community, I am looking for my project developers who enjoy what they do and enjoy seeing their work and their time to create a project.

We are from the ARMA 3 RP Scene and would like to develop ourselves to GTA RP, we have a very good ARMA 3 Scripter that has been supporting us for almost a year but has not been in the GTA world yet.

So we're looking for support to set up a good, player-friendly framework where it's fun to play.

We see ourselves as a community in which developers can let off steam and test new topics without making any top-down defaults.

It is important to us, a fair and open interaction, the fun interests us more than cramping player numbers and we would like to be a point of contact, with the nice guys and girls like to spend their time in the community.

The infrastructure is completely available, so that no thought has to be given about hardware, server costs, forum, teamspeak etc.

The focus can and should be completely on what each one can.  

So if you are interested in having a framework or want to create one, we are looking forward to your feedback!  

Gladly here in the post or by PM    

Thank you and hopefully see you soon!

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