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Popping/Crackling Sound in game


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Hello there !

I am playing on RageMP for 2 days now and i met some issues about the sound

When i am in game with a continue sound like a engine car sound, i can hear popping or crackling sound, its very annoying to play and i have got this issue only with Rage MP because when i am playing on GTA ONLINE, GTA history mode or FiveM, i dont have this problem


My proc is under 85% of use (I5 650 3.20ghz)

My memory too (12 go)

Updates done :

Graphic card (Geforce gtx 1050ti) , Frameworks, Bios, Sound card

I dont really know what happen to my game now because i never had this kind of popping/crackling sounds in game


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12 hours ago, Landgraab said:

hello @MrPancakers

if you did'ent test The updating The Graphics card You should Try it, mostly if you update your graphics card to the GTA Version it will be ok.

Hope it Was helpful.

best Regard , Landgraab

It's not my issue, I was simply replying. Looking at OP's thread, it seems he already has updated his graphics card.

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Yes it is, my graphic card is updated, the bios, mothercard, frameworks too

The GTA 5 Ragemp take 85% of my i5 650, i dont understand because when i play on GTA 5 solo or online , or Fivem it works very fine with very high graphics

With my sound popping issues, i've got some other issues. When i come in a part of Los Santos where some others players are, it seems there is a latence and the players characters and their cars take 10 seconds to appears. So when i drive across Los Santos, sometimes i hit someone or a car because it takes time to appear

Some textures of the map take time too to appear

This weekend, im gonna try a reset of my computer and a reinstall of gta on a ssd

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