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Problems running.


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In short, I downloaded Rage, installed everything correctly, according to the instructions, once went in - did not enter the second one, the error “Application Termination” appeared first, then I was allowed to go further after the hotfix and error -118 appeared, then I put another hotfix and error changed to -102. Then I noticed that there is no RAGE MP in the register, but I entered the register, because they gave me a video with a help about these errors. I entered - NOTHING no.


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7 hours ago, MarcusOcean said:


I talked about it.

And the hotfix, I saw in some topic, the second hotfix was given to me by a friend.

Again what hotfix, you shouldn’t need any kind of ‘hotfix’ to make RageMP work, your GTA V should be up to date and RageMp is always up to date so I have no idea what you’re talking about with a hotfix. Your screenshot makes no sense it’s just your computer registry

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