RageMP loads into singleplayer after freezing

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Hi, running on the latest GTA update and rage update, when I launch the launcher and try to connect to a server, the launcher stops responding, then it opens GTA 5 THOUGH it loads into singleplayer. I got an error from the dumpfile: Error sending sync broker message: The pipe is being closed. (0xE8)

I have disabled my AV and firewall, launcher.exe runs as admin by default. 

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On 10/27/2018 at 6:15 PM, Joshua said:

This question has been moved to the correct section. 

Thank you for moving the question.

Are there any solutions to this? I completely removed my AV, I reinstalled my steam version of GTA5 and reinstalled RageMP multiple times, though every time I get the same issue. The launcher freezes and it loads into SinglePlayer instead of loading RageMP.

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