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Wanted: A team of programmers to work together on a RP server


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Hey. If you, like me, wish to create a RP server but you do not have the time to do so all by yourself then maybe this thread is for you.
For the past 18 months I've been discussing and thinking of ideas for a GTA V RP server. When I finally had the knowledge to create one, it quickly became clear that I couldn't do so all by myself.
The goal of the server is to create a medium RP server that balances RP with enough action, without making it seem like a RP-TDM server. We currently have a small community consisting mostly of SA-MP players.

A sketch of our server plans


Factions such as:

  • San Andreas Armed Forces
  • San Andreas Police Department
  • A restocking faction to resupply businesses (linked with trucker job)
  • Mafia's
  • Gangs
  • Motorclubs
  • Et cetera...

Faction Properties

  • Storage Warehouses
  • Vehicle Warehouses (linked with illegal car jacker job)
  • Weapon Factories
  • HQ's
  • Drug laboratories 


  • 24/7's, clothing stores, gas stations, barbershops, restaurants Pay N Spray's,  clubs, et cetera.
  • Hotels
  • Real Estate taxation
  • Water, Gas, Electricity
  • Phone & Internet costs
  • Scrapyard
  • Graveyard
  • Gym
  • Vehicle rentals
  • Advertisement
  • Paintball
  • Casino
  • And more...


  • Garages (obviously)
  • House safes for storage
  • Closets to store your clothes
  • House alarms


  • Default vehicle classes with one extra 'Ultra Class' that consists of rare (limited) super class vehicles.
  • Full customization of course.
  • Duplicated keys for your buddies.

Jobs & restocking runs

  • Steel, metal, lead...
  • Oil, gas
  • Drug supplies
  • Taxi driver
  • Garbageman
  • Mechanic
  • Farmer
  • Car Jacker
  • Hooker
  • Fisher
  • Trucker
  • Deliveryboy
  • And more...


  • Inventory system
  • Drugs (heroin, cocaine, weed, meth, ...). Each with their own up- and down sides
  • Turfs to be taken and defended
  • Losing items upon death (and being able to be picked up by others)
  • Faction uniforms (like GTA Online's saved outfits)
  • Voice chat, if desired by the community.
  • Group system to chat with your friends OOC
  • Menu's, menu's, menu's. Everything in menu's and as few commands as possible
  • Restocking of weapons (both for legal factions and illegal)
  • Jobs that are as much as possible connected to factions to create actual meaning to them instead of grinding
  • Much, much more.



We are working with:

  • C#
  • MySQL
  • Entity Framework Core

Currently looking for:

  • C# developers
  • JavaScript (or other) developers
  • Front-End developers
  • One web developer for the User Control Panel

If you wish to join, you are not expected to work on it 40 hours a week. You should view it as a hobby project that could eventually turn into something great.


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