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Very serious problem with VOIP


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Hello developers/members of RAGEMP community ! 3 days in row im having very serious problem (like anomaly :D) with my VOIP. I can hear everyone but none can hear me.

My mic works in discord, GTA Online, even in Gta 5 SP settings i can hear my voice, it works in other games. I tried solving this thing alone and with ECLIPSE-RP administrators - nothing worked for me.

Things that i tried :

  • Verifying my GTA 5 files.
  • Reinstalling GTA 5
  • Reinstalling RAGEMP
  • Checking all the settings of my mic in-game and PC.
  • Checking audio settings in-game.
  • Reloading my game and stuff.
  • And alot more things.

I believe i tried everything, i don't know what to do anymore this makes me angry and sad at the same time. I beg for help, i can't RP without VOIP. 

Thanks for your time and attention - Wrohi.

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