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Protect the President (BETA)


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Protect The President

Digital Life Gaming

PTP (Protect the President) is still in early beta, and is being developed. We're looking for Testers, and need players to join and help determine faults/bugs so we can best prepare for Alpha.




  1. Classes

    1. President

      1. The president, signified by a YELLOW marker, visible by larger size over any other class markers on the map, is the main target. One life, once killed, Vice President becomes the President.

    2. Vice President

      1. The vice president, invisible (NO BLIP) with a YELLOW marker, is to stay alive but CAN respawn if killed. If promoted to President, class is open and server is notified.

    3. Security

      1. Spawns with President and Vice, signified in GREEN, Main priority is to stay with the President and defend from any and all threats for the duration of the fifteen minutes the round lasts.

    4. Police

      1. Dignified in BLUE, can choose to hunt the Terrorists or simply assist in protecting the President.

    5. Terrorist

      1. Dignified in RED, main priority is to hunt and eliminate the President and anything in their path preventing them from doing that.

    6. Civilian (?)


  1. Class Weapons

    1. President

      1. Pistol

    2. Vice President

      1. Pistol

    3. Security

      1. Pistol, Assault Rifle, SMG, Nitestick, Sniper Rifle, Grenade

    4. Police

      1. Pistol, SMG, LMG, Nitestick, Teargas

    5. Terrorist

      1. Shotgun, SMG, Assault Rifle, Molotov


  1. Spawn Locations

    1. President

      1. 3UcqSYUWvJnGG_L6TN39uvQ012CtKhhAJtWKuzv2k_-3uPVR5yPN6WiyAsHYXq8ejxnGsYxOvzvjuanb2BNJUt1bcbR--wD86gdIC0gkuFJNT7PmnSvQFHm_ZtNWKxPVycm12bZz

    2. Vice President

      1. Same as President

    3. Security

      1. Parking lot, Same as President

      2. db85df73e8.png

    4. Police

      1. Mission Row Police Department

    5. Terrorist

      1. Docks/Shipping area under freeway

      2. 4b514b5604.png


  1. Gamemode Details

    1. A round lasts fifteen minutes, if a President dies then the timer resets for each new President that is appointed. If there is no president, the timer does not run until there is one.

    2. On round reset when president dies everyone is respawned.

      1. If the president wins, every team is respawned.

    3. Police/Security/President/Vice President cannot do Damage to each other. (Teamkill = OFF)

      1. Same goes for players of the SAME team

    4. The President should have fully armored and tuned up vehicles at his disposal to be protected by - no solo-weaponized vehicles. Must require two people to operate a weaponized vehicle to be considered fair.

    5. Gamemode is based on leaderboard

      1. Statistics, players will ranked by k/d

      2. Wins as president will be also tracked

      3. Hours played



More vehicles are being added and placed around the map for players convenience. 



Work in progress. See discord for details on how to become a tester. Protect the President is announced on the RageMP Server list.

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