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[C#] Positioning the player problem

Stefan Todorovski

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Hello, scripters! 😀
I'm new to the RAGE scene and recently started scripting my own gamemode. I'm using WiredPlayers gamemode as an example, but i have some strange issues. So far i succeeded creating VS solution, connecting it with MySQL database and player authentication system. But i have one problem with recreating the lobby system: I can't set the player position when they are logging in, but strangely enough i can change other player-related properties like skin.

Here is my code:

public void OnPlayerConnected(Client player)
  NAPI.Player.SetPlayerSkin(player, PedHash.Stripper01SFY); // WORKS PERFECTLY
  player.Transparency = 255;
  //Other stuff for logging the user

private void InitializePlayerData(Client player)
  player.Position = new Vector3(152.26, -1004.47, -99.00); //DOESN'T TELEPORT THE PLAYER AT THIS POSITION
  player.Dimension = Convert.ToUInt32(player.Value);
  player.Health = 100;

But when i finish logging in and i use the command /goto, it teleports me to that destination.

[Command("goto", "~y~USAGE: ~w~/goto")]
public void CMD_Goto(Client player)
	player.Position = new Vector3(152.26, -1004.47, -98.00);

Is there something i'm missing in order for this to work ?? 

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