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Text-based -strict- roleplay server


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I'm looking for two-three more individuals who are willing to start a project with me. I'm taking care of development, but I need to have others around who can handle community-management.

Some information:
The aim is to open a text-based, strict, roleplay server based in any area of choice. Whoever is interested in joining is tasked with community management and set-up.

If you are interested hit me up on discord (Perendy#3869) or through PMs (forum).



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why don't you think for other idea's. why all repeat "text based, seriusly" or "only text, heavy roleplay", why don't use a megaphone of LSPD with voice, now implement in Rage a voice chat, use these features, if you use this, i belive in your server on the top of masterlist. lucky!

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