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Can't Install RageMP


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So basically I have tried installing RageMP multiple times now, and I'm getting sick of it. The process goes something like this: 

- I install RageMP from the installer (i have tried many different directories on both of my drives) - I start the updater.exe (have tried as admin and without admin permissions) - RageMP starts downloading all the files - Done - RageMP tries to start - both the updater.exe and ragemp_v.exe disappear from the folder (not in my trash)

What I've tried is copying ragemp_v.exe and updater.exe, putting them into a different folder and when the old ones disappear I paste them in. But nope, suddenly it says I need special permissions to do that. Like I said, I have tried different folders, different drives, I've checked whether or not I could copy/paste files into the folder before installing RageMP. You might say that I should try it with the Computer's Admin account, right? Well, that's the account I always use no matter what, so I have all the permissions I could have.

Please, I just wanna play with my friends.

By the way, if you need more info, pictures etc. feel free to ask for them

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