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Mapping error


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Hello guys!


Sorry if i ask something sh*t, but i'm totally new here. I'm new in mapping, and i never made any mapping job, but i want to start it. My problem is, that i found here the map editor script 0.3 and i downloaded it, but in the README text, the installation is confusing for me.

Actually, what i have to do with those folders?

1.     "Drop the "MapEditor" folder inside the "client_packages" folder into your own "client_packages" folder."___ ---> i don't have "client packeges" folder in my RAGEMP folder. where should i find this ?

In the bottom of the script page at the "topic" section, i found that i should put mapping package into server-files. i did this. After i run my unofficial server and i push the "F2" button to enter mapping mode, i got an error. I paste here the image of it.



If anyone can help me, please write a step by step installation guide, im not idiot just new to installing scripts!

Thanks anyway :):):)


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