[C#] 0.3.7 Metoda Key Bind

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 public class KeysManager : RAGE.Events.Script
        private static bool _keyStatus = true;

        private const int KeyMouse = 0xC0;    //    Tasta [~]
        public KeysManager()
            RAGE.Events.Tick = TickEvent;

        private static void TickEvent(List<RAGE.Events.TickNametagData> nametags)
            if (Input.IsDown(KeyMouse) && _keyStatus) // Activam / Dezactivam cusor mouse.
                if (_keyStatus)
                    Cursor.Visible = !Cursor.Visible;

        private static void ResetKeyStatus()
            _keyStatus = false;
            Task.Delay(250).ContinueWith((task) => { _keyStatus = true; });

In 0.3.7 Key Bind nu exista si acest cod este o metoda de a implementa oarecum aceastra functie.

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