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Triggering markers


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Hello! I am developing a server and I have a problem. 
I have made a marker (pickup) 

mp.markers.new(29, new mp.Vector3(248.28216552734375, 222.77394104003906, 106), 1, {
    direction: new mp.Vector3(247.1170196533203, 222.15045166015625, 106.28682708740234),
    rotation: new mp.Vector3(0, 0, 0),
    color: [46, 204, 113, 255],
    visible: true,
    dimension: 0

But then I wanted to trigger it when player stands on it. But I could not find this event to make a function. Is there a way to make a function when player stands on marker?

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First you create a Colshape:


var circlesize = 1.5; // <-- For the Cicle size of Colshape or set direct in mp.Colshape
 const shape = mp.colshapes.newSphere(248.28216552734375, 222.77394104003906, 106, circlesize);


After this set a Event:


                "playerEnterColshape" : (player, shape) => {
                    if ( player.vehicle){  return; }
                    console.log("Now I do anything");

Here with "player.vehicle" (Request player is in a car)

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