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Legend problem when server starting

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When server started then running my script (and print good value(example: Retrieved 1 trashes)) but I connecting my server and object isn't seen. It's good if then execute my script when running the server.

var cachedTrashes = [];

function loadTrashes() {
    global.db.query("SELECT * FROM `trashes`", function(error, results, fields) {
        if(error) { 
            console.log("error while retrieving trashes from mysql database! (" + error + ")");
        } else {
            results.forEach(function(currElement) {
                let obj ="prop_bin_delpiero"), new mp.Vector3(parseFloat(currElement.x), parseFloat(currElement.y), parseFloat(currElement.z)),
                    rotation: 0.0,
                    alpha: 255,
                    dimension: parseInt(currElement.dim)
                obj.setVariable("inv:trash", true);
                cachedTrashes[parseInt(] = obj;
            console.log("Retrieved " + results.length + " trashes");

Please help me. :D


If reconnected then I don't see again my server sided objects when I ran my script after server start.

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coul be issue that some objects seem to be broken in meaning they don't shop up. I have some objects spawned which now are gone since last gta update. 

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