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C# Bridge Trigger .js Client Package?


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Hey guys , is it possible to trigger a Client Package Function with a C# Brdige Command? 

C# Bridge

        public void command(Client player, String color)
            //THE CALL TO .js CLIENT PACKAGE?

JS Client Package

function test(test, color) {


I hope u guys know what i mean :3

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You should create an event on clientside which triggers your function when you call it. Also, you can call it using "TriggerEvent" on the serverside.

JS Client Side:

mp.events.add("TEST_EVENT", (test, color) => test(test, color));
        public void command(Client player, String test, String color)
            player.TriggerEvent("TEST_EVENT", test, color); //You can use it as an OOP method

If you need more information about these functions, you can check links below:



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i tried , but nothing happend.


mp.events.add("TEST", (player, color) => {
        public void Test(Client player, int color)
            player.TriggerEvent("TEST", player, color);


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