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Need Chinese input method in game


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Hello, I am a server developer from China. I found that the ragamp game does not seem to support Chinese input. This means that Chinese players can't communicate in Chinese, so I hope ragemp producers can increase support for Chinese input. Because there is no Chinese server (or no active Chinese server) at the moment, I think it is because there is no Chinese input method.

At present, most Chinese players are concentrated in gtaol or samp or mtasa. More people have not heard of ragamp or even know that gta5 has this online function.But this does not mean that Chinese players don't like gta5 ragamp online, the player base is very large, but they can't play games without Chinese online input software, of course, except for a few players like me who can speak English.

If the ragemp official team accepts my opinion, then I think Chinese players can enter ragmp to start gta5 online games. After all, gtaol is boring, gtasa is too old, and there are limits on the player number of FiveMs. So I want ragemp to support Chinese input. Then it will be welcomed by Chinese players.

If there are more Chinese players in the future, it means that the developers will get more. By that time, I will apply again to open the Chinese section in the ragemp forum.

Thank you for reading :D



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